My coaching is all
about results.
I work with you to crate changes that you can see,
feel and measure.
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Coaching is an investment
that you make in developing
yourself to earn long-term benefits.
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The process is where you learn.
The process where you grow.
The process where you develop character and find out who
you are. The process is “Coaching.”
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Nitin Mistry

I am an engineering graduate, practicing by virtue of passion over knowledge.

All throughout the 38 years of my professional journey with small, medium and enterprise-level organizations, I have been very fortunate to have received multiple opportunities to hone my technical and interpersonal skills.

Direct exposure to business uncertainties opened up an avenue of possibilities that enabled me to assess the risk associated with them. Each of these possibilities strengthened my ideas and my value system as a whole. As a result, it helped me transform myself into a thought provoker for the people I worked with.

I have truly enjoyed leading and mentoring different teams, one of the very prominent reasons that motivated me to pursue coaching as a complementary dimension to my fulfilling career.

My belief is that effective coaching has the potential to enable the growth that lies within each individual, which is the key to bringing out the best in all the untapped talent that each individual is blessed with.

Why work with me

Having transitioned through 3 major career changes, I relate to all the anxiety, disappointment and isolation that comes along with that process. Nonetheless, every venture of mine has been extremely fulfilling.
I have devised a set of tools and techniques that greatly enhanced my ability to shape my career into what it is. My quest is to share these ideas with budding entrepreneurs, leaders or managers and help them transform what they do by enhancing how they do it.

So you think you need a Life Coach?

Are you ready? I mean are you really ready to do the work?
There is a false belief prevailing that hiring a Life Coach is going to change your life, going to change everything. Nothing changes until you change. So my question still remain “are you ready?”

  • Are you ready to make it clear in your mind what really, really you want?
  • Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone?