Mr. Mistry has an incredible intuition as a coach, and his ability to support and guide you through your desired outcome is extraordinary. His friendly nature and his compassion would put you in a great amount of ease during the interaction. He connects with you in no time and you will start experiencing his passion and in-depth approach towards coaching. In general he is a serious guy but occasionally you can experience his humor too. What else? I recommend him, not just recommend, highly recommend.

Ana Flores , Graduate Teaching Assistant.

When I entered the life coaching session with you I was not very sure what the outcomes would be.

I just knew vaguely I wanted to develop and understand who I really am and what are my goals in life? But, never knew how to go about that.

I’ve been in the life coaching session for about 4 weeks and I feel I already started feeling the positive impact of coaching. I have started gaining an understanding of where my thoughts and feelings come from.

This journey of self- discovery is due to your coaching Nitin. Now, I am able to start believing that the future is bright because I believe it.

Thank you for your support and guidance, especially during the tough time of the pandemic. I am sure I will be able to gather and practice more positivity in days to come.

Aarathi S., Manager Logistic- Airfreight.

I first heard of Nitin from the posts he usually writes on the LinkedIn platform, almost 7 months ago, and I was impressed by his posts and kind of insights he used to discuss and I decided that I had to learn more about life coaching and I got in touch with Nitin through message.

As a coach, and more so as a person I found Nitin being incredibly open and approachable, he served as a wonderful coach, enabling me to realize my true potential and deliver on it, without dwelling on my weakness.

With my interaction with Nitin, I never felt I am undergoing any kind of formal coaching. It was through his thought-provoking questions, calm presence & coaching style that I gained my first step towards living independently in a new country in a different continent for my first assignment and stepping out of a ‘bubble’ of privilege and over-protective family.

I can say, coaching motivated me to do the scary thing – to take risks, make connections, and helped me realize that we grow into our best selves by stepping out of our safe zone. It has given me a push to be a go-getter.

S. Nandini, Australia.

This is my second coaching attempt with a Life Coach, and I feel it’s working well with you, for me.

The most important thing I noticed about you is Precision: you love to perform everything with precision, whether it is finding an answer to the client’s question or to know the client as a person. The second thing I noticed is your persistence: even the topic we discuss, it did not make sense to you initially, you would keep trying and keep working to understand until you crack the meaning. The last thing which I noticed about you is your energy level: your energy level is exceptionally high, no matter which day of the week and what time of the day. I would say it is infectious, and I truly get inspired by these qualities.

Sulagna Ratnakar – Human Resource Professional

Coach Nitin has an incredible intuition and skill as a coach to guide you towards your desired outcome. His way of working, his coaching style helps you feel at total ease. He instantly connects with your heart as well as with your mind, coherently, you can feel his coaching passion and subject depth.

S. Nagendra – Startup Entrepreneur.