My Story

This is my little coaching story.

This story is about nothing and yet about everything.

I have initiated few steps towards my goal to become a successful and well-known coach, but this little tale will tell you my journey, about who I am and how my journey to become a coach has shaped so far.

An idea of becoming a coach has instilled in my mind, after an unsuccessful attempt to get selected as a Stanford Seed coach.

The story of Seed coach has begun something like this.

Somewhere on LinkedIn, I have read a post from Stanford, inviting applications from Industry leaders and job creators to be volunteered as a Seed coach. These industrial volunteers have to work with underdeveloped countries start-up units and transform these start-up companies to the next level and make them visible on global industrial map.

The concept of Seed Coach has almost mesmerized me and I decided to venture at unknown. Things went well up to submitting of application and getting the first call for an online Interview from Seed Coordinator.

My life spun soon after the first (and the last) interview with SEED. I realized that although the concept which mesmerized me, in reality I was not qualified enough for this program, no matter how much I put forth my candidature as a trainer, as a guide, as a mentor or as a coach.

I have realized, I didn’t have a systematic training as a Coach. My industrial experience and expertise was inadequate without a formal training as a coach. Becoming a certified coach has become my Goal thereafter, and I was ‘all in go’ for it.

It is matter of pride for me that after 3 years, today I am Seed Consultant, working with different start-ups, remotely.

Goal pursued, goal achieved!

Becoming a coach seemed a way for me to continue doing what I love the most – like helping others to develop themselves and get what they want out of their lives and careers.

I became a coach because I thought I had certain things figured out in my life. I have learned how to achieve goals, optimize my personal productivity, how to remain consistent with healthy habits and get rid of my limiting beliefs. I thought, sharing of my experience would be helpful to the people I will be interacting with. My learning would make a difference in the life of the people with whom I partner with. My passion for coaching was borne out of my personal growth; I wanted to help people, free themselves from the habitual patterns that were keeping them stuck, so they could unleash their potential.

One of my first client was a cafe owner with whom I happened to meet accidentally over a coffee session. I coached him for almost five months, mostly over phone even though we were in the same city. It worked well for both of us from a time perspective. He increased his value as a business-owner and worth as employer. He acknowledged our combined efforts. That was my first coaching assignment, outside known circle.

My second client was a lady Professor in a social working program, from my city. She felt burn-out and knew that she need to change something from the roots, if she has to stay healthy- emotionally and physically. I coached her for over six months and it was a very successful coaching relationship. Two assignments, somewhat went well, has provided me with courage and confidence to dive further in coaching.

Other coaching clients followed subsequently were – Air-freight logistic Manager, HR Professional, Manager from Engineering, Pharma and IT sectors, professionals seeking career transitions, people facing mid-life crisis and so on..!

Let me be honest, I remember almost all my clients, more specifically of my initial years and I bless them for being part of my initial coaching journey. I never misrepresented my qualifications or experience as a coach and always had the clients for where my expertise and confidence was. I have never put myself, ethically, at risk.

Coaching is an art or rather say it is a craft that takes time to learn; you can never stop learning if you want to be good at your craft. You cannot learn to coach in a book, on the Internet or sitting in a lecture hall. You must coach to learn to coach. You must do the grunt.

Becoming a coach has been one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life but it also challenged me in ways I never thought possible. I will never regret my decision. If ever I am forced to go back in past and change anything about my decision to be a coach; I would only change the timing to an earlier date than I did.

Being a coach helped me to touch so many lives.I see my role being right alongside them, shining a light on their way and walk with them to navigate through their pains and emotions. I believe I am able to provide a coaching space, a kind of environment where clients can walk through their thoughts, feel safe and unpack their beliefs, and are able to relate and take time to think deeply about what is going on in their lives.

I am grateful for the experiences and opportunities I had, and feeling excited for what lies ahead for me!

So you have read my story- now I am keen to know yours. Drop me an email or call me and tell me what’s going with you.

I look forward to talking.

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