First and foremost, being an introvert, and a person who keeps his thoughts, feelings, assumptions and evaluations limited to himself, it was pretty tough for me to speak out and answer to your questions. But as the session progressed, the way you crafted the conversation, it made a lot easier for me to discuss even little things in detail. It’s very hard for someone to accept and admit his/her own limitations but the way you have put up the questions, it gave me a courage to have a different kind of realization altogether; something which I never had before. If I would require any further guidance in future, I will reach out to you, without any hesitation “

- Dhawal Panchal, an Engineer with Entrepreneur mindset

At the end of the session, I felt I was Listened effectively and empathetically, my point of views are well understood and noticed well, Fostered a safe and trusting environment for me to open up, provided me with clear cut action plan to work towards my objective.Based on my experience, I would recommend such Coaching session with Mr. Nitin Mistry more often to others.

- Milin Patel, an aspiring young Engineering Graduate

Before session it was just dream for me and by end of the session I felt like I have to live for my goal. Not only I got inspired but I got a clear roadmap how to fulfil my dream which has become my Goal now…!!!

- Ankit Bane – working as Purchase Executive in an Engineering Industry.

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